Dominique Thomas

Dominique Thomas - VSN Leader

Detroit, MI – Dominique met her army husband after his second deployment in 2010. He was very persistent and assertive; they married in 2012, blending their family and later extending their union. Dominique’s philanthropic efforts and dedication to her community are derived from the support and encouragement of her family. Dominique believes that you get back the energy you put into the world and have made it her mission to serve the unrecognized and under-appreciated military spouses who've selflessly sacrificed their lives as well. Dominique currently works as an Executive Officer for the Department of Veteran Affairs. With 13 years of experience working with veterans and military personnel, Dominique’s passion and love for humanity has given her purpose through good deeds and servicing others. Dominique focuses on making a difference and creating positive change in her community, in hopes that will create a cycle that brings abundance tenfold.