Cassandra Garcia

Photo of Cassandra Garcia

Thornton, CO – Cassandra is the spouse of a Combat Marine Veteran and a Peer Leader of the Veteran Spouse Resiliency Group.  Cassandra has been married to her veteran for 15 years and lived the military life while her husband was in and was deployed.  When her husband was discharged from the Marines, there were struggles for both her husband and herself.  Cassandra looked for support groups for veteran wives in CO and could not find any.  Then through a Facebook group, she saw a flier posted for the Veteran Spouse Resiliency Group.  She registered for the group and was able to find other veteran wives that were supportive and that she could relate to the experiences they were having with their veterans.  The group was so helpful and supportive for her that she decided to go through the training to be a Peer Leader for the Veteran Spouse Resiliency Group.  She wanted to make sure that other veteran wives knew about the group around the world since the Veteran Spouse Resiliency Group is offered virtually.