Leadership Opportunities

A Network Rooted in Peer Leadership

At the Veteran Spouse Network, we believe in the value and benefit of strong supportive communities that offer peer-based guidance and understanding to help address the unique challenges of military and post-service family life. In line with that belief, all of our programs are facilitated by volunteer veteran spouse peer leaders, allowing participants to receive support through shared experience and understanding.  

If you are connected to the military or veteran community and are interested in providing peer support opportunities, we encourage you to consider volunteering with the VSN today! Learn more about the different peer leader opportunities within the VSN below. 

Become a V-SRG Leader

As a Veteran Spouse Resiliency Group (V-SRG) leader, you will facilitate curriculum-driven peer support groups for veteran spouses/partners, that provide participants with a space to come together, share their stories, challenges, and successes, and lean on one another for support and guidance. As a V-SRG leader, you have the opportunity to lead in-person or virtual groups in both series and solo-session formats. V-SRG leaders complete training in group and online facilitation skills, as well as the V-SRG curriculum. 

As a V-SRG Leader, you will…

V-SRG leader trainings are offered in virtual formats and contain about 24 hours of content spaced over several days, with a combination of self-paced pre-work, and two live training days. Leaders must be able to commit to attending at least 70% of the live training days to become certified. Upcoming leader training dates are listed below.

Once certified as a leader, you are expected to lead your first group (either a series or solo session) within 3 months. You must also commit to leading at least 2-3 groups/sessions a year to maintain your leader certification. 

In addition to facilitating the groups themselves, leaders are expected to spend the necessary time prepping for their session on their own, and with their co-lead, if applicable.

While VSN staff will do the heavy marketing lift, leaders are expected to support marketing and recruitment efforts for your group and help share out other VSN opportunities.

Leaders are expected to attend weekly online meetings with staff and other V-SRG leaders, to provide updates on group progress, troubleshoot any challenges, and receive program updates. In addition to attending leader calls, leaders are expected to complete monthly time and group attendance sheets and stay in regular communication with VSN staff regarding groups.

Your time commitment as a leader will depend on whether you plan to lead a series or solo sessions. Series require a larger (and consistent) time commitment, while solo sessions can be scheduled based on the leader's schedule and bandwidth. V-SRG leaders may be compensated for their time once they have been certified.

Virtual Training

The virtual V-SRG Leader Training consists of a combination of self-paced pre-work course hours (approximately 6-8 hours) that are to be completed virtually prior to the live training dates, as well as two 8-hour live training days that are conducted via Zoom. Leaders must be able to attend at least 70% of the live training time, as well as complete the required self-paced pre-work in order to complete their certification. View the calendar below for a list of upcoming virtual training dates.

Upcoming Training Dates

Become a VSN Social Club Leader

As a Social Club leader, you will provide members of the military and veteran-connected community with social, supportive, and/or educational peer support opportunities. While leaders are supported by VSN Staff in the creation of session guides, managing the logistics for the group (including registration, marketing, communication, and Zoom use), Social Club leaders are encouraged to follow their passions, interests, and skillsets to determine the content, structure, and audience of their social clubs.

As a Social Club Leader, you will…

Training is scheduled one-on-one and can be completed at any time, based on the leader's schedules.

As leaders have an idea for a club, they are expected to communicate with VSN staff to provide details. Staff can help support the creation of content and session guides, and will always be responsible for creating the registration and marketing materials. Leaders are expected to help market their clubs, as well as put in the necessary time to prep for their session.

Leaders are expected to attend monthly online meetings with staff and other social club leaders, to provide updates on group progress, troubleshoot any challenges, and receive program updates. In addition to attending leader calls, leaders are expected to complete monthly time and group attendance sheets and stay in regular communication with VSN staff regarding groups.

Leaders can lead groups as frequently or infrequently as their interests and bandwidth allow. We ask that social club leaders be prepared to commit approximately 2-4 hours per month to these duties at a minimum, but the time commitment is flexible.

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Apply to Be a Leader Today!

If you are a veteran spouse/partner who is interested in becoming a V-SRG Leader or VFT Leader or are a member of the larger military or veteran-connected community who is interested in becoming a Social Club Leader, please complete our VSN Leader Application today! For questions, contact us at vsn@austin.utexas.edu.