Facilitating a network of support for military and veteran spouses and families

The Veteran Spouse Network provides programming to support military and veteran families as they navigate active-duty life, transition to civilian life, and put down roots after military life. All programs are free to participants and are continuously evaluated and updated based on participant feedback to ensure they are effective and meet the needs of those they aim to serve. 

Current Programs

The Veteran Spouse Resiliency Group program provides veteran spouses/partners with peer-led, curriculum-driven, evidence-based support groups offered in virtual and in-person formats. Groups provide spouses with a safe space to connect, share their stories, challenges, and successes and receive and provide support to peers, leading to increased quality of life, social support, self-care practices, and a decrease in mental health symptoms. Click to learn more.
The VSN Social Club program provides a variety of online and in-person peer groups to the larger military and veteran-connected community. Participants are provided a safe space to discuss topics that interest them and create opportunities to connect, socialize, and provide and receive support. Clubs are facilitated by peer leaders, covering topics generated by the interests and needs of our network. Groups range in topics, including socials, casual and supportive check-ins, topic-driven discussions, workshops, guest speakers, resource presentations, and more. Click to learn more.
The Veteran Family Transition (VFT) Program takes a holistic approach to transition, providing a combination of educational seminars on key transition topics, spouse peer support groups to process transition stressors, and peer panels where spouses can learn from those who have been there and done that, to ensure a smooth and successful military to civilian transition for the whole family.  Click to learn more.

Our focus on diversity and inclusion

At the Veteran Spouse Network, our values are based on ensuring equity and inclusion for our diverse population. We are committed to serving these communities with integrity, competence, and respect for the dignity and worth of all people. We strive to create safe and inclusive spaces for our participants to connect and receive support while providing opportunities in which all people feel they are equally respected and valued. We embrace and celebrate each individual’s gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, marital status, race, color, religion, national origin, age, and ability. As part of our commitment to creating a positive and inclusive group environment, we expect all staff and volunteers to adhere to our core values, which include treating everyone with respect. We prohibit any conduct that results in an intimidating, hostile, or offensive group or work environment