Doris DeRamus

Doris DeRaum

El Paso, TX

-Doris’ journey from being a devoted partner to a resilient surviving spouse is an inspiring testament to her strength and adaptability. Her life took an unexpected turn when her husband, a retired Army veteran, tragically passed away in an accident. In the blink of an eye, Doris transitioned from being a Dependent Wife to a Surviving Spouse.

An accomplished professional with a BS in Management/Human Resources, Doris has established an outstanding career as a Small Business owner, a retired Federal Government employee, a Peer leader and other influential leadership positions. She now serves as a member on two Advisory Boards for the prestigious William Beaumont Army Medical Center, where she contributes invaluable insights and solutions.

Passionate about advocating for veterans and widows, Doris dedicates herself to making a meaningful impact within her community. Actively engaging in volunteer work both locally and within her church, fostering a positive change and support for those in need.

She appreciates traveling to new destinations, attending dance classes and dabbling in painting. However, nothing compares to the joy she finds in spending quality time with her beloved grandchildren and cherished family members.