Emma Martin

Riverview, FL

Emma Martin is a seasoned military spouse and proud mother of two active-duty military service members. She and her husband, an Alumnus of the military, have celebrated 22 years of marriage and are high school sweethearts. Emma has been a steadfast support for military spouses and veterans for over 15 years, and she continues to make a difference in her community through various organizations.

Emma Martin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Religion with a minor in Ministries and Ethics from Liberty University. She is currently on the path to earning her credentials from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) by successfully completing the CCE (Center for Coaching Excellence): Essential Coach Training Program. This comprehensive program involved 64 coach-specific training hours, encompassing Essential Training, Associate courses in Ethics, Risk Management for Coaches, and Advanced Coaching Skills.

In her professional capacity, Emma serves as the Executive Director of the Full Range Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to equip and empower individuals by alleviating the impact of moral injury and wartime trauma. They achieve this by enhancing psychological, spiritual, and social well-being through transitional-life and mental health coaching services.

Furthermore, Emma holds the role of President and CEO at Full Focus Coaching. The central mission of Full Focus Coaching is to guide veterans and their families through carefully crafted conversations that help them realign with their moral beliefs, values, and purpose. This process empowers them to set and achieve attainable goals during life transitions.