Jeanie Moughan

Jeanie M

Milan, MI

Jeanie Moughan is a United States Air Force Veteran, having commissioned as an officer and served 8 years active duty in Space Command. She then continued her service as a military spouse to an active duty Air Force officer for another 12 years until his retirement. She, her husband and their two children had many assignments both in the states and overseas. Jeanie volunteered as a Key Spouse and Key Spouse Mentor where she learned the importance of a strong military community. She has a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology from Baylor University and a Masters of Science in International Relations from Troy University. Jeanie is originally from St. Paul, Minnesota and now resides in southern Michigan.  With no PCS date in sight, she spends her time painting and decorating her forever home. Jeanie’s varied experiences as both a veteran and a veteran’s spouse have shaped the person she is today. She is looking forward to connecting with other military spouses and forming a new community in post-service life.