Lydiah Owiti-Otienoh

Southbury, CT

-Lydiah is a Kenyan-born Lawyer, Project Manager, and International Development consultant. She relocated to the United States to join her military husband with whom they served for 12 years and now live in Connecticut, and share 3 children. 

As a foreign-born military spouse, Lydiah experienced a myriad of hardships with among other things, acclimating to a new environment and learning new systems and culture, a lack of recognition of professional credentials, finding meaningful employment, constant evaluations and other barriers that are now driving her advocacy efforts for those like her.

Despite the many local and international moves, the military has made her resilient and adaptable. Her ilk for continuous personal and professional development, has kept her proactively engaged at different levels on matters that shape opinions, policy, and economics, in a bid to create a more inclusive and sustainable world. She has made significant contributions in her areas of practice. Lydiah is currently the Military Spouse Professional Networks (MSPN) Program Manager at Hiring Our Heroes. Noting the employment challenges for military spouses and the importance of professional networks, Lydiah dedicates her time to achieving positive job outcomes for the spouses by ensuring they are career ready, and connected to local employers.