Sharon Dalton

Sharon Dalton

Big Stone Gap, VA

-Hello, my name is Sharon Dalton, and it is an honor to be a part of the Veteran Spouse Network. I have attended numerous trainings, and events and have thoroughly enjoyed it. The leaders are amazing and make it worth coming back.   

My whole life has been military/veteran based. I was born, raised, and now married into the military. My father is a Retired Vietnam Veteran who served in the Navy. My spouse is a Desert Storm Veteran who served in the Army.   

In my early career, I worked on military bases in the financial industries. My education and experience are in Business/Financial. Being a Financial Officer, was such an opportunity, one that I waited years to achieve.  

Moving forward, to me, nothing is more satisfying and rewarding than being employed with the Virginia Department of Veteran Services. Every day, I get to do what I enjoy the most, assisting and serving Veterans and their families.   I absolutely love my job.  This job has taught me the need for community awareness of military culture. to recognize and support the ones who support the Veterans the most, the spouses.   

Being a part of the Veteran Spouse Network has allowed me to share experiences and collaborate with other Veteran spouses. This has also helped me grow personally and professionally. 

Not everybody was raised in the military.  I want to make it my personal goal to reach out to the veteran spouses and help them understand the military culture. Military/Veteran life is in a class of its own, by understanding this culture, it helps to better understand your spouse.     

While every Veteran has their own story, every Veteran spouse has their own story as well. Not every solution is designed as a one-size-fits-all approach.  In hopes, of collaborating experiences with new information, a sense of community can form amongst the Veteran spouses.  While focusing on creative strategies and approaches that help to overcome some of the difficult challenges.  I am truly looking forward to speaking and interacting with other veteran spouses.  

Spouses helping other Spouses embrace all that is valuable and amazing in being a Veteran Spouse.