V-SRG Peer Facilitators

Listen to our peer facilitators and participants discuss their experience with the Veteran Spouse Resiliency Group. You'll hear first hand accounts of how veteran spouses benefit from connecting with other spouses to create a community of ongoing support.

Tamara's Story

Veteran spouse Tamara Watson talks about her experience as a participant in our Harker Heights group, what she has gained from being in the group, and why others should join!

Michaela's Story

Veteran Spouse Resiliency Group leader Michaela Jaimez discusses her role as a group leader, what her participants are getting from the group, and why it's so important for veteran spouses to build a community of support.

Doris's Story

Listen to our Harker Heights V-SRG leader Doris Williams talk about her role as a group facilitator, what she sees her participants gaining from the group, and why it’s so valuable to be surrounded with a strong community of veteran spouses.