Winter 2022 V-SRG Leader Training

V-SRG Leader presenting to group, holding glasses

The Veteran Spouse Network is gearing up for the V-SRG 3-day peer leader training this December. V-SRG leaders help foster spaces where spouses can come together to share, learn, and support one another. For those interested in serving as a V-SRG peer leader, registration will remain open through October 31st. The first training will kick off on September 24th. Learn more about becoming a V-SRG leader on the Leadership Opportunities page and register today!

As a V-SRG leader, you will facilitate curriculum-driven peer support groups for veteran spouses/partners, that provide participants with a space to come together, share their stories, challenges, and successes, and lean on one another for support and guidance. As a V-SRG leader, you have the opportunity to lead in-person or virtual groups, either in the traditional 12-week, mini-series, or solo-session format. V-SRG leaders complete training in group and online facilitation skills, as well as the V-SRG curriculum. 

Apply to become a leader, and check out the training schedule below!

Training Schedule